As always, here at Mandelay we are dedicated to provide you with the best quality devices, the best customer service and the best technincal support available. With 21 years experience, we strive to meet the needs of all QXCI/SCIO/EPFX/ INDIGO/EDUCTOR/QUEST9 practitioners.

We are pleased to announce that registration for the 2019 Quantum Biofeedback World Conferences is open!

Our theme this year, ”You are the Healer” sets the ground for great changes in the QXCI/SCIO/EPFX/ INDIGO/EDUCTOR/QUEST9 Biofeedback field.

A New Tradition:

In the past, our annual World Conference has traditionally been held in Budapest, Hungary, but as promised last year, we will once again be offering the chance to meet you in the USA as well.

The Quantum Biofeedback World Conference will be held in 2 locations!

Speaker Introduction:

This year, we have invited lecturers who have played a huge role in the development of energetic medicine regarding our QXCI/SCIO/EPFX/INDIGO/Educator/EDUCTOR & QUEST9 biofeedback devices.

Traveling from all over the world and eager to share their experiences and views, we are excited to welcome:

  • Bala Lodhia (Canada)
  • Filipa Pinto Cardoso (Portugal)
  • Jeff Sutton (Canada)
  • Fredy Vinagre (Portugal)
  • Fernando Crespo O’Neill (USA)
  • Geert Weitens (The Netherlands)
  • Andras Csaszi (Hungary)
  • Veronica Ortega (Mexico)

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